Tears are….

Tears are

Heart juice flowing from the eyes, wringed

From the insides, writhing

And coiling like a beheaded serpent

Frivolous attempt

To recuperate beheaded emotions.

Suffocating, stifling

Blood gasps for air

Liberating yet

Asyphyxiating, masochistic perhaps

As one gleans relief from

These painful drops…..


It really is the longest night

That I couldn’t sleep,I missed

Your voice for so long,your arms

Haven’t held me in a while,at this moment

All I need is you,your bushy beard

Brushing against a shoulder or tickling

The forehead as I listened

To your heart beat quicken

As my arms tighten and

I whisper nonsensical sweet nothings

Against your chest.And I

Could feel you smiling

Smiling against my cheek

As I stand on tiptoes

To hear you breath.