I remember those

Rainy September afternoons when

Wind brought you in

Like a whisper, lingering

In candied gasps

All enveloping.


Apple pie baking,

Spicy golden fragrance, reminiscent

Of tinsel and Christmas

Decorations, first

And foremost, tasted with nose

And then by tongue.


 And you

Bringing in, an armful of smiles

Staggering with the weight

Of joy.



Beating down on the windows then


Like the calming heartbeat

After a happy run in the sun.



A shining warmth, a

Sprinkling of sugar,


On a freshly baked bun.  


Dilly-dallying leaves floating

Earthwards, frolicking

In the tempest, evoked

By the muffled rain

Smell of fresh wood, wafting

Drifting, circling

In a note of music, each word uttered

Turning into luscious persistent



Sweet tea made with just

The right amount of love, warming

From the inside and you

Taking over, my soul

And my mind and I

Smiling at the thought, feeling silly

Yet warm, from the glow

Of your beatifying love.





Pictures freeze, pictures hold

Moments of tenderness suspended in air

A loving glance, a rose petal of joy

Or a stem of hope, budding fruits of innocence,

Pictures, those jars of preservative stuff,

Are memorials held for those moments lost

And people who have long since changed

And the people in those pictures have long since passed away

While their loveless corpses remain

Talking, zombie-walking, soulless, mundane.

Pictures of smiles that used to be

Remnants in full bloom, remnants of pain

Remnants of happiness, remnants of hope

Hope which once was but has long since been lost

Pictures, those moments that are long lost

Pictures, those moments for which we mourn

Pictures of what only skeletons now remain

Those funeral pyres of what mattered the most,

Those painful tombstones of what used to be…….

Slow death

Walked in to a void, let myself

Be sucked up, devoured

By the emptiness, the memories

Came buzzing, like a deranged swarm of bees

That I ran away to escape.

A place

Once loved has now become hell

The walls keep closing in, suffocating

Life’s breath gets knocked off the chest, the pain

Twists the veins, wrings

The tear glands for bloody tears, burns

The heart to cinders. Life

Is over, the sweet,sweet life that we shared

Is waning while


Has just begun.

It has just begun.


It really is the longest night

That I couldn’t sleep,I missed

Your voice for so long,your arms

Haven’t held me in a while,at this moment

All I need is you,your bushy beard

Brushing against a shoulder or tickling

The forehead as I listened

To your heart beat quicken

As my arms tighten and

I whisper nonsensical sweet nothings

Against your chest.And I

Could feel you smiling

Smiling against my cheek

As I stand on tiptoes

To hear you breath.