Untitled till September


Yesterday I felt your absence,

Right beside me, like a perilous drop

From which I edged away, fearing for life.

Emptiness overwhelmed, overthrew

What little sanity was left, as

Hip hop beats pelted all around

Like paralyzing darts at a

Sore, swollen heart.

Have you ever felt how lonely, how barren

These club beats make you feel?

Well, you know how this goes,

Every time I look at myself in the mirror I

Try so desperately to catch maybe

A glance of your smile in my own eyes, a splinter

Of a memory perhaps trapped within

From when I last held you.

Well, you know how this goes.

When feelings overflow I throw

Handfuls in the air and catch

What I can on paper, try and build

A bridge to you with words, but

Does that bring you closer? No, but I try.

And there I sat in a lonely cab homeward

Fingers itching, to ruffle your hair

Heart a wriggling mess, scratching itself in a frenzy

Mad with longing, just for a feel of you.

Yes, so your absence gives me words, bittersweet

On the tip of the tongue, but

I’d much rather have you instead.

Slow death

Walked in to a void, let myself

Be sucked up, devoured

By the emptiness, the memories

Came buzzing, like a deranged swarm of bees

That I ran away to escape.

A place

Once loved has now become hell

The walls keep closing in, suffocating

Life’s breath gets knocked off the chest, the pain

Twists the veins, wrings

The tear glands for bloody tears, burns

The heart to cinders. Life

Is over, the sweet,sweet life that we shared

Is waning while


Has just begun.

It has just begun.


It really is the longest night

That I couldn’t sleep,I missed

Your voice for so long,your arms

Haven’t held me in a while,at this moment

All I need is you,your bushy beard

Brushing against a shoulder or tickling

The forehead as I listened

To your heart beat quicken

As my arms tighten and

I whisper nonsensical sweet nothings

Against your chest.And I

Could feel you smiling

Smiling against my cheek

As I stand on tiptoes

To hear you breath.