A rain drop’s plea


Insides go numb. Sometimes

They burn.

Indifference flares the best of us sometimes

On a deserted land I stand, memories swim in the surrounding water

Fangs sharp, noses pointed

Seems like they’ve just smelt bait, defenseless, vulnerable.

Words fall on inattentive ears, drip away

Like rain drops on roof tiles

Losing their worth.

Dripping to the ground, down

The gutters, gushing out

In all their angst, pain


Why waste words?  Why lose respect?

I wonder.

It is a parched earth that truly values a drop of rain

I know

And yet, I make words rain

Voluntary exile? Humiliation?

Roof tiles keep rejecting and I

Long for soft, moist, welcoming ground

That used to be here,


To lay my head, rest the hurting limbs

Oh sweet, loving peace, to lay down and sleep.